Pet Food Items

healthy pet items healthy dog foodClearwater Egg & Poultry provides a whole host of healthy pet items for your furry friends. We know your pets are an important part of your family and we respect that. We know that you want to provide your pet with a healthy diet because we know that a diet rich in vitamins and minerals will help them overcome any specific health issues they may be experiencing. Clearwater Egg & Poultry has many customers that buy products and use them to make fresh pet food daily for their pets. If you want a healthy pet for many, many years to come, this is the way to go!

These items include:

  • Chicken Necks
  • Chicken Backs
  • Leg Quarters
  • Whole Chickens
  • Boneless Skinless Breast
  • Chicken Gizzards
  • Chicken Livers
  • Beef Hearts
  • Beef Kidneys
  • Beef Liver
  • Beef Tongue
  • Turkey Drumsticks
  • Turkey Necks

Why Raw?

Pet owners that feed raw diets do so for many reasons. Some have grown frustrated at the lack of quality and appropriate diets available from the commercial pet food manufacturers. Most pet foods contain grains and other items that are difficult for dogs and cats to digest.

Other owners switch to raw because their pet has a specific health issue such as an allergy, blood sugar issue, etc. Getting away from commercial diets will many times cause the pet’s symptoms to improve. Dogs and cats fed raw diets will typically have better muscle tone, more energy and endurance.

Get Healthy Pet Items from Clearwater Egg & Poultry to Keep Your Pet Happy & Healthy!

Our Guarantee

We provide the best beef, dairy, eggs, pickles, pork, poultry & healthy pet products obtainable for the best possible price guaranteed. We pride ourselves on building lifelong relationships with our customers by exceeding your expectations and the Clearwater Poultry & Egg service is what sets us apart.

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