Walk-In Customer Reviews

Restaurant Customer Reviews

Jackie recommends Clearwater Egg & Poultry. First time visitor yesterday. Made the chicken tenders for lunch and they are delicious. Also purchased the chicken breasts and they are huge. Great value and the two gentlemen that helped me were just so kind and friendly. Thanks for the recommendation, Renee!! I will be a return customer for sure. — with Renee

Glen recommends Clearwater Egg & Poultry. Was there for an order about two months ago and will be back this week to stock up for the summer. Love the ribeye, g. beef, tender loins and chicken thighs/breast. Oh and the hotdogs like my grill too! Will be adding some other items this time in preparation for grill by the pool.

Jane recommends Clearwater Egg & Poultry. I just cooked pork tenderloin it was fork tender delicious! So pleased with your products! Just got another order from you!! Thank goodness had to buy some chicken and hamburger from grocery store it was terrible you got my family spoiled!!! So happy we found out about you!!

Carrie recommends Clearwater Egg & Poultry. Best chicken breasts around. They are massive and delicious! Thank you for selling to the public!

Edward recommends Clearwater Egg & Poultry. The ribeye slab I bought from you on Friday was awesome, great slab.

Stephanie recommends Clearwater Egg & Poultry. I was blown away at the size of the chicken breasts. I ended up cutting them in half and freezing them separately…a half a breast is more than enough meat for my 11 year old and me.

Domenick recommends Clearwater Egg & Poultry. First time buyer, I bought your baby back ribs (4 lbs) last week. We were very happy with the outcome. I will be returning in the future.

Nichole recommends Clearwater Egg & Poultry. They are my favorite place to buy meat! Very friendly staff! Easy process. Delivery to your car!! Best of all, quality!!!! Everything we have purchased so far has been delicious!!!

Jill recommends Clearwater Egg & Poultry. Friendly and fast service. I got fantastic deals.

The Clam — They are always on Time. They have high Quality Products. Fair Prices and Russel is the best driver! Jim

Kim’s Family Restaurant — I own and operate Kim’s Family Restaurant on Starkey Rd. in Largo. We’ve been open for a year but David, Kevin, Andrea and Russ have been with us since day one! They are professional, reliable and my deliveries are always as ordered and on time. Their products are of great quality and price very competitively. Kim

Your Pizza Shop I have been using Clearwater Egg & Poultry for over 25 years. There is no better company out there. They always do what they say they are going to do and they have good and fair pricing. The service is top notch. They say in business you can only get two of these three things — Price, Service or Quality. Well with Clearwater Egg & Poultry you get them all. Mark

Grand Deli & Subs — Clearwater Egg & Poultry is the best! We have been doing business with them for over 20 years and they have never let us down! Every business should be like them!! Paul

Leaning Tower — Clearwater Egg & Poultry has been very dependable and always has our order correct. Jim is a great driver, always friendly and helpful. Carl

Our Guarantee: We provide high quality beef, dairy, eggs, pickles, pork and poultry products for the best possible price. We pride ourselves on building lifelong relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations. Clearwater Egg & Poultry’s service is what sets us apart.