Peeled Knuckle

Eye Round

Inside Top Round

Chuck Roll (Neck Off)

Beef Pectorial Trim

Ball Tips

Top Sirloin Butts

New York Strips


Beef Tenders

Flank Steak

Beef Brisket

Raw Corned Beef

Cooked Corn Beef

Cooked Roast Beef



Genoa Salami

Ground Beef 80/20 10 lb

Angus Ground Beef

Hoagie Meat (Shaved Ribeye)

Hot Dogs, Beef 8//1 & 4/1

Beef Patties 4oz & 8oz

Beef Liver Sliced 4oz

Beef Oxtail (IBP)

Beef Hearts

Beef Kidneys

Beef Bones

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