American, White 160
American, Yellow 120
American, Yellow 160
American, Swiss 120
American, Swiss 160

Bleu Cheese Crumbles
Butter Cups
Butter Solids Salted 36-1
Butter Solid Unsalted 36-1
Butter Blend

Cheddar, Block 5 LB
Cheddar, Fancy Shredded
Cheddar, Shredded Sharp
Cheddar, Shredded White
Cheddar, Sliced 1.5 oz.

Cottage Cheese

Cream, Heavy 36%
Cream, Heavy 40%

Cream, Sour 5 LB Tub
Cream, Sour 32 LB Tub
Creamer, Aerosol Whipping
Creamer, Aseptic Coffee
Creamer, Half & Half
Creamer, Half & Half Quarts
Creamer, Non-Dairy

Cream Cheese 1 oz Cups
Cream Cheese 3 LB
Cream Cheese 30 LB

Feta 9 LB
Feta 28 LB
Gouda, Smoked

Margarine Cups

Margarine, Liquid 2/17.5
Margarine Solids
Milk, Condensed 50 lb

Monterey & Cheddar Blend
Monterey & Cheddar Fancy
Monterey Jack 10 LB
Monterey Shredded
Mozzarella Loaf
Mozzarella Shredded

Parmesan Grated
Parmesan Shredded
Pepper Jack 10 Lb
Pepper Jack Sliced
Provolone 12 LB
Provolone Slices 1.5 oz
Ricotta Whole Milk
Romano Grated
Swiss, Big Eye
Swiss, Big Eye, Sliced 1.5 oz

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