3 lb Whole Chicken
4 lb Whole Chicken

Boneless Skinless Breast
Chicken Tenders (Fresh)
Breaded Tenders (IQF)
Whole Breast (Bone-In)
Split Brease (Bone-In)

6 oz Single Portion Breast
6 oz Butterfly Portion Breast
8 oz Single Portion Breast
8 oz Butterfly Portion Breast
More portion sizes available…

Buffalo Wing Cut No Tip
Whole Wings
8 pc Cut Up
Split Chicken
Boneless Thigh Meat
Boneless Leg Meat
Leg Quarters

Chicken Backs
Chicken Necks
Chicken Feet
Chicken Breast Bones


Turkey Breast Cooked
Turkey Breast Raw
Ground Turkey (2-10 lb)
Turkey Drumsticks
Turkey Wings
Whole Turkey (Seasonal)


Duck 5 lb (6 hd per case)

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